About project

Period: June 2012 – March 2020

Client: Nebraska Families Collaborative / Promise Ship

Subject: Making the Most of Your Research

Promise Ship became a FAMCare client in 2012. They came to us with the goals of eliminating their higher priority “barriers to growth” and changing the dynamic of how network and case management would be provided in the future for the children and families in Eastern Nebraska.

Our Task Was

Help Promise Ship develop a plan for information transformation.  Their team had been burned by bad software in the past and as such, their executive team was skeptical on how to proceed and with which vendor.

The Challenges

When the new CEO took over the organization – he was presented with a funding crisis, coupled with poor technology, morale and workflow issues that were impacting the success of their operation.

  1. NFC was mandated to use the state sponsored system N-Focus to
    manage their core case management services. The problem,
    N-Focus was:

    • Antiquated/older technology
    • Not user friendly / tended to frustrate younger workers
    • Lacking functionality
    • No real-time reporting
    • Inflexible
  2. They had grown beyond the capacity of their internal system – a billing and reimbursement
    system that they were using to manage their network of service providers.


The team placed a lot of emphasis on establishing a “playbook”,  a robust communication & accountability plan that set the tone for how everyone on both teams were to communicate with each other.  After 18 months of production, the following results were achieved:

  • Integrated their own successful process for case management operation and case worker accountability
  • Implemented and customized a module for cost tracking and billing that manages their entire network of providers.
  • Have built a an automated referral process that has helped to dramatically cut processing time.
  • Created reports that deliver critical information timely
  • Automated many repetitive and cumbersome functions

Client Review

“Having worked with a lot of I.T. vendors out there – GVT has always been a great partner. We really feel that a lot of the progress that we’ve made at NFC has been through partnerships like GVT and we’re really excited about the progress we’ve made and we think we’re on the right track.”