About project

Period: 2010-Currrent

Client: Child Center MaryGrove

Subject: Eliminating Paper, Improving Processes

MaryGrove reached their limits of paper processing and working in a manual-intensive environment.  The need to automate processes was at a critical point.

Our Task Was

To I.D. the most flagrant issues with case file management and areas of improvement.  The need to remove double data entry and case file automation would alleviate the extra work and streamline tasks that were time consuming.  As a result – staff morale, complaints and training issues were prevalent throughout the agency.


We were able to set the objectives to fix the problems:  gather data for reports and grants in a quick and effective manner; reduce the need for paper and circulation of documents; allow staff to have more information at their disposal; reduce the time for billing processes, paperwork and simple tasks – allowing them more time to focus on important items.

We were able to achieve the following benefits:

  1. Ease of use system in place
  2. Improve staff morale
  3. Radical process changes simplified workload
  4. Information retrieval became faster and more accurate
  5. Grant writing was streamlined because they had the data
  6. Medicaid billing was automated
  7. Form consistency helped with (re)training
  8. Quality of work improved


Using FAMCare®, Child Center~Marygrove has been able to eliminate numerous manual-intensive tasks and transform how their teams operate, communicate, collaborate and work with information.

  • Hotline review reduced from 2 hours to 15 minutes…
  • Treatment plan reviews reduced from every 3 months to once per month…
  • Using the report designer, they created a United Way report and completed a grant application in 4 hours. In previous years – it took 2 days to perform the same task.
  • QA reviews on resident files have been reduced from 2 hours to 30 minutes.
  • A resident’s entire incident report can be available and reviewed in seconds.
  • 90,300 sheets of paper saved (individual logs – 52k, communication logs – 3.5k, incident reports – 24k, treatment plans – 10.8k)
  • Intake processing reduced by 30 minutes

Client Review

“The speed and accuracy at which we process paperwork and enter data has improved dramatically, which has helped our agency in so many ways. We work better, morale is high, and we’re spending more focused time with our children. An added bonus is that our state audits are now faster and smoother. FAMCare® has made all the difference.”