About project

Period: 2008 – 2020

Client: Abba House

Subject: Able to spend more time with most vulnerable

Abba House implemented FAMCare with certain goals in mind:  to improve upon their data security; caseworker accountability and streamline data collection. This in turn would provide their staff with more time to help the most vulnerable.

Our Task Was

Project plan was to rollout FAMCare with custom forms, workflow and reports.

Several modules would be integrated such as comprehensive case management, document repository and letter template.


By updating the workflow we were able to provide Abba House with a more efficient process for monitoring interaction and changes and improvements in behavior.

  • Tailoring was done to core Intake process to accommodate how they wanted to track how “students” entered their organization. Updates to the referral workflow were also incorporated.
  • A new assessment form was created, programmed and implemented so that caseworkers could create a before and after snapshot of the “students” behavior.
  • 4 meaningful reports were written that provide funders with information on a regular basis.

Click here to view a short video from the Abba House team as they describe their journey with FAMCare Human Services and Case Management Software.


There were several benefits observed as a result of implementing FAMCare:

  • Streamlined data entry / Removed paper files
  • Improved security
  • Workflow that drive caseworker activity and accountability
  • Comprehensive quick reports and analytics for board members and funders
  • The new assessment form allows them to track recidivism, post program graduation.
  • Caseworkers have more time to spend with more problematic cases
  • Funding has improved due to better visibility
  • They now have the tools to prove that their program is working.