Juvenile Detention

Juvenile Detention Case Management


The juvenile detention software platform is a streamlined version of the enterprise level solution of FAMCare® and allows for the monitoring, tracking and sharing of information across different entities that have responsibility with the children in these environments.  This includes:

  • schools
  • residential treatment centers
  • detention centers
  • probation
  • courts
  • police
FAMCare Juvenile Detention Software
Download FAMCare Juvenile Detention Data Sheet.

Depending upon the State and the licensing rules, detention centers may provide short-term or long-term treatment and/or hold-over services.  The system goals and rules are configured for centers that provide for individualized treatment to all juveniles at a facility.

Detention programs provide a wide range of services that support the juvenile's physical, emotional, and social development.

  • Therapeutic interventions designed to address offense specific needs are also tracked for juveniles committed for longer periods of time.
  • Progress reporting and court updates can be generated in a timely fashion. 
  • Case notes can be entered at any time during the youth's stay.

How FAMCare Helps Facilities Enhance Their Reporting and Data Analysis Flow Capabilitites...

  • Medical and health care
  • Orientation
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Visitation
  • Counseling and treatment provided
  • Supervision
  • Bed checks with bar coding/scanning
  • Food Service/USDA reporting 
  • Daily shift logs
  • Incident reports
  • Mobile access

A highly secure, web-based system that allows for the records of these kids to be shared across organizations can greatly improve the treatment, tracking and outcomes for these kids....information is power and having it readily available is key.  The Court can follow a youth's progress from their bench.

The system  provides a framework to support the long term and short term goals of your State and Court policies in terms of reporting and licensing.  It helps reinforce a standards, best practices and be resource and measurement focused:  tracking evidence based practices and therapies, assessments, academics, communication with courts, etc., 

The base system includes:  intake forms, census reports, daily shift report logs, incident reports and progress reports.  The system is IDEAL for smaller facilities to be able to leverage a secure platform to protect and share their data.

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